• Common Solutions


The list below outlines some of the common solutions we provide for our client base.

Network Management
Server based software management using Intelimirror technology.  The server will automatically install and configure software. We offer solutions for workstation and server management, new network implementation, management of existing network including security patches and upgrades.

Document Imaging
Document Imaging negates the need for filing cabinets and lowers filing and retrieval time of urgent time sensitive materials.  By digitizing your office documents you can save valuable time, space, and man-hours.

Disaster Recovery/Backup
Does your company have a plan to handle a disaster such as a fire or other data loss?  Let us engineer your solution so that event of a site disaster or a simple accidental file deletion…you can resume normal operations with minimal downtime.

Office Connectivity
The number of choices when connecting one or more offices together or to the internet can be overwhelming.  Let us assist you in making the best selection for your business requirements. A major advantage of proper office connectivity is communication.  Please see our communications section below for solutions to enhance your office communications.

E-mail systems, Fax Servers and Mobile messaging integration are essential for today’s fast paced business communications environment.  Skyy Technology has implemented many of these technologies for our clients to help them “keep in touch” with their customers.

Remote Access
Whether you are one or one hundred miles from your office, having access to specific data can be critical.  Skyy Technology can assist you in engineering a remote access solution to vital files, applications, and e-mail.

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