• Services List

Services List

Phone Support
Phone support offers quick resolution to the most common problems that may arise in and around your office.

Skyy Technology offers general Phone support to our customers.  We are able to correct most common problems over the phone resulting in rapid resolution for customers.  No need to wait for us to get onsite to correct a simple problem.

    • Minimize Downtime
    • Rapid Response time
    • Solve most issues in Minutes
    • Patient and understanding technicians

Onsite Support
For more difficult issues that  cannot be addressed via phone support, a technician can be scheduled to visit your office.

Technicians can be dispatched to your location to correct problems, perform equipment installation and configuration.  We will evaluate your network and provide recommendations on upgrades, integration and replacement products.

Whether you are replacing, upgrading or installing an entirely new network, Skyy Technology can assist you.

    • We take the guess work out of component selection
    • No need for you to spend valuable time on the phone to get a problem corrected.
    • We will work with third party vendors to get your problem resolved.

“Block Hours” Support
By purchasing 10 or more prepaid hours you enjoy discounted labor rates and maintain time and materials incident billing.

Skyy Technology offers block hour packages to allow your company to save without making contractual agreements. Block time packages start at a minimum of 10 hours.

    • Priority service
    • Save on standard labor rates
    • Use the time however you see fit

Contracted Support
Various Support contracts ranging from standard maintenance to full IT support.

Skyy Technology offers contracted support in packages ranging from general maintenance for servers and workstations to full IT support.  We can be your IT department at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own IT Staff.

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